Wine Down Wednesday: January 2022

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January 12: Seats Booked: 0~ Seats Remaining: 24
January 19: Seats Booked: 0 ~ Seats Remaining: 24
January 26: Seats Booked: 1 ~ Seats Remaining: 23

Join us for Wine Down Wednesday as we sip and get crafty! Grab a friend or two, bring your favorite bottle of wine (or enjoy a complimentary glass on us) and choose between some of our newest designs or our most popular interchangeable pieces as your creation for the night. You can even add a 5x5, individual charcuterie box to enjoy while you're crafting for $15!

12x12 Sign (Design Options shown here)$35 
14x14 Sign (Design Options shown here): $45
14x11 Sign
(Design Options shown here)$50
18x11 Sign (Design Options shown here)$60
18x18 Sign
(Design Options shown here)$65
18x24 Sign
(Design Options shown here)$70
18" Round Sign
(Design Options shown here)$65

Mini Truck Interchangeable Plaque: $35
3D Floral Letter**: $35
3D Hello Leopard Sign: $40

Freestanding Home Interchangeable with Two Designs 
(Sweet Home, Birthday Cake, Heart, Sunshine, Easter Egg, Lucky Clover, Flower, Watermelon, USA Star, Ghost, Pumpkin, Christmas Tree, Snowflake): $45 
Mini Love or Home Square Interchangeable (Choose between Love or Home, comes with all 12 interchangeable pieces): $45  
Two Essential Oil Holders: $45  
3D Floral Diamonds 
(Three pieces, floral designs may vary)$45 
Eat Cutting Board
: $45  
3D Interchangeable Plaque (Choose 2 designs, comes with stand)$55
Dream Catcher (Shape: Circle, Moon or Heart - Dream Big): $55
Dream Catcher** 
(Shape: Circle, Moon or Heart - Personalized with Name): $60
Modern Sign** 
(Shiplap Style): $55
Modern Sign** 
(Subway Style): $60
Welcome to Our Home Interchangeable (Comes with 6 interchangeables: Heart, Four Leaf Clover, Bunny, USA Star, Pumpkin & Christmas Tree)$60
Tiered Tray Decor Set
(Design Options shown here): $60
Growth Ruler**: $65
3D Growth Ruler**: $70
12x12 Truck Interchangeable Sign**
(Comes with 6 interchangeables: Heart, Four Leaf Clover, Easter Egg, Stars, Pumpkin & Christmas Tree)$75
4 Foot Porch Sign** 
(Comes with 6 interchangeables: Heart, Four Leaf Clover, Bunny, USA Star, Pumpkin & Christmas Tree): $95
Standard Interchangeables 
(Football, Baseball, Basketball, Leaf, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Umbrella, Sun, Flip Flops, Daisy, Sunflower, Cross, Ghost, Wreath, Snowflake, Birthday Cake, Apple)$7 each
Interchangeables for the 3D Interchangeable Plaque 
(Winter Wishes, Love You More, Lucky Clover, Rainbow, Flower, Happy Camper, Liberty Stars, Fun in the Sun, Gather Pumpkin, Boo, Home, Christmas Truck)$10 each
3D Interchangeables for Porch Signs 
(New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Halloween Boo, Thanksgiving Gather, Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Truck)$12 each

Pre-registration is required. Deadline to sign up is the Sunday before at 8 pm. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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